• Grandy Vanlo

Worst part of Entrepreneurship or Owning a Small Business.

So every small business owner and entrepreneur has their so called ups and downs. My reality is doing all this work, while raising a large family, but trying to be successful in my business at the same time. Many people juggle this well and manage it to perfection. But, what I've come to realize as a small business owner/ that you feel alone. Granted, there is support everywhere, whether family or friends, or just peers on the social media groups. However, you still go through feeling the ups alone and the downs alone. It's not a bad thing, but it something that I feel only other entrepreneurs will understand. It can be satisfying and complete emptiness all in one. That's why I think embracing the chaos is a slogan we small business owners need to take own. Even though you as an entrepreneur feels alone, you are not, but somehow yet you are.

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