• Grandy Vanlo

Unfiltered MaPop Passage - Episode #3 with Sullivan Baccam of Baccam Real Estate Team

What the heck, a friend told me to just launch 3 episodes. Especially if the podcast is binge worthy. Well, here is #3. I got a chance to sit and have drinks with one of my best friends since we were pretty much born. Sully has taken a path into the real estate industry. I never really got a chance to learn what he does and how he does it. We talk about his struggles and how he over came them to become extremely successful in the Des Moines, Iowa Metro, as a realtor. Hearing how his determination and hard work truly help paved the way to his goals, and listening to how his end game is the happiness of his clients. To me, he is an inspiration on how you must grind to succeed. Hopefully anyone who is considering this profession and wants to get into real estate, take notes and listen. Don't worry, we keep it real and entertaining.

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