• Grandy Vanlo

Take a Breather when Tensions and stress is at a high level

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

So we are all stressed beyond normality with what is going on in the world and our current lives. Being a small business owner and entrepreneur tends to enhance this feeling and situation. The best way to cure or take some of that away, is to just breath and step away. Life and work are two separate things, but overlap tremendously. What I've come to realize, for your sanity, is you need to find a way to detach the two, even for a brief moment, to breath and embrace. I think our brains are so trained to mix and combine life and work, that it pushes us to an edge where we are no longer happy or even use basic common sense in our daily live's communication with society. Take a breath, embrace life without work and stress, even for just 1 minute and you'll start to see through the fog of it all.

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