• Grandy Vanlo

Stress and shit we entrepreneurs and small business owners go through

So 2 days into my podcast launch and journey, I get completely overwhelmed with running a new eCommerce business and running 2 full podcast shows, while working full time for a healthcare provider company. Did I mention I have 4 daughters, all 7 years and younger, along with an amazing supportive wife. Yeah, I know that's just asking for it. But in one of my future episodes, I somewhat embrace the chaos. I think somewhere deep inside many entrepreneurs, they love the stress and chaos. It brings the fire and passion out of them to become successful. I also, got several messages from upcoming guests to Unfiltered MaPop Passage, that they are having a shitty day and horrible week. I tell them, perfect, that's what this journey is about. So I can't wait to have a conversation with them and really help others understand that we all struggle with this day to day and small business owners are no different. I actually believe we do it because, blindly, we embrace the chaos as entrepreneurs. This picture always shows me why I do what I do so I never forget my vision with the shit we deal with.

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