• Grandy Vanlo

"No thank you", "Not Interested", and no reply, will lead you in a better direction.

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Anyone who have been or are in sales/marketing/business have all had this happen to them. "No thank you", "Not Interested", and no reply. But once you start your own business or become an entrepreneur, these instances are magnified in your mindset, your self confidence, and your self conscious. A majority of us get down or lose all confidence in ourselves or even beat ourselves up as failures. What I have come to learn is that pure entrepreneurs do not let this deter them. They also are not oblivious or have egos, but they learn to take a different path and find a solution. They may even realize that they are in a better situation because of those rejections or no replies. Any pure entrepreneur keeps moving, whether they side step or adjust. They listen, learn, and grow. I show this picture below, because I have reached out to numerous brewery owners and breweries in general. Craft beer is a passion of mine, and rejection was crushing at times. I never gave up but adjusted and found someone willing to open a door for my podcast. Fox Brewing did that and for that I am grateful. Just like all my other guests, they were all willing to open the door for me and I will continue to do the same for other entrepreneurs in this journey. I wish everyone remembered doors are meant to be opened.

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