• Grandy Vanlo

Brush off the Judgement, like dust of your Shoulder

We live in a society where judgement and how you are perceived can make or break you. What I have learned through my life and starting a new business, is to Fv%$ the judgement's others may have of me. One can not move forward or succeed in business or have happiness in life, if they are worried what others think or say about them. You cannot be concerned of their judgment of you, because YOU HAVE NO control of how they will judge you. You need to be able to be yourself and do what makes YOU happy. If we had a world of people not caring about what others think about them, we would have a much more honest world. But that is just not reality, and we should just own it and move forward. I put this picture , as this is a reminder to myself, of the only people in the world that I care of their opinion of me. I look at them everyday, and do my best to make sure they see me for me, but also see me as a person who will help impact them in the most positive way possible. Knowingly I will have ups and downs and will make mistakes, I want them to see me for me and that I will do my best to do them right. So at the end of the day, find the ones who care for you unconditionally and do your best to be yourself as they are the only ones, who opinion that should matter. Everyone else, are just noise in the wind.

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